Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Socorro's Monster Dream Catcher

I'm sure most of you have probably heard of dream catchers. Well, it appears (at least to me anyways) Socorro might have one of the largest ever ...right in our midst.

Somebody get a hold of the Chamber of Commerce. We might have another roadside attraction on our hands.

1500 block of NW Frontage Rd.

(yes, I know it's just an abandoned billboard, but I can dream can't I?)

It's believed that a dream catcher changes a person's dreams by allowing only good dreams to filter through during the night . . . bad dreams stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day.

Hopefully, our dream catcher here in Socorro is doing a good job grabbing all those mean, nasty dreams floating around out there and only allowing the good ones through.

When you achieve your dream
pursue another dream.
That's how to live a life of adventure.

~ Unknown

Sweet dreams Socorro.


  1. i love your photos!!!!!!!! very wonderful!

  2. Thanks Tim. I just started this blog, so it's great to get your feedback.

  3. Your photography is very impressive. The light and the clouds behind your 'dream catcher' (and yes you should dream) is beautiful, really breathtaking.

  4. Well thank you very much Stillmary. I must admit however, living here in New Mexico it's almost impossible not to be able to take good pictures. Still, I appreciate your compliment greatly. Your kindness (and taste in photos) is impressive.